Mound View State Trail

The Mound View State Trail is a pleasant, gently-rolling trail in southwest Wisconsin connecting the communities of Platteville and Belmont. Enjoy traveling along charming streams and through the open countryside where two large mounds rise above farm fields on the north side of the trail.


In Platteville, the Mound View State Trail connects to the Rountree Branch Trail, a non-motorized trail which is part of the larger city of Platteville Trail Network. In Belmont, the trailhead is near the start of the Pecatonica State Trail which is a motorized trail that connects to the Cheese Country Trail in Calamine, just south of Mineral Point.

The world’s largest “M” easily identifies Platte Mound which is about midway between the two communities. Visitors can hike the stairs next to the M to the observation deck which sits about 450 feet above the surrounding landscape. Belmont Mound is a day-use state park which offers hiking trails and picnicking about 2 miles outside of Belmont.



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The trail may bring a number of different users to the trail at the same time. It is important to use good trail etiquette to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all trail users.

All-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and other motorized vehicles are not allowed on the Mound View State Trail. The Pecatonica State Trail, which begins in Belmont, is open to motorized vehicles.

The trail suitable for bicyclists, in-line skaters, walkers and joggers. Each bicyclist or skater age 16 or older needs a Wisconsin state trail pass.

Pet owners, please be sure to have your pet on a leash, 8 feet or shorter, at all times. You must pick up after your pet.

In winter, the Mound View State Trail is open for hiking and snowshoeing.

Wisconsin Trail Etiquette and Safety Guidelines [PDF]


  • Hiker by Anbileru Adaleru from the Noun Project
  • Biking by Anna Sophie from the Noun Project
  • Dog on a leash by Gregor Cresnar from the Noun Project
  • Snowshoer by Tamiko Young from the Noun Project
  • Skating by Felipe Alvarado from the Noun Project

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Mound View State Trail
Mound View State Trail
Mound View State Trail
Mound View State Trail


No Hunting and Trapping Allowed on Trail

Hunting and trapping are not allowed on the trail corridor.

For more information, please see:  Hunting and Trapping in Wisconsin State Parks


Platteville: In Platteville the Mound View State Trail begins near the intersection of Mineral St. and Valley Rd. where it also connects to the city of Platteville’s Rountree Branch Trail. Parking is available at the Mineral St. trailhead as well as at the city park on Valley Rd.


Belmont: In Belmont the trail begins at Spring St. (parking is available along Cushman Dr. which intersects with Spring St.). Here the Mound View State Trail connects to the Pecatonica State Trail. The Mound View Trail travels west towards Platteville under Highway 151. The Pecatonica Trail travels east to Calamine. Parking is also available at Bond Park in Belmont which is adjacent to the paved section of the Pecatonica State Trail.


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